Keeping Kids Entertained in the Summer

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Summer

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Summer isn’t always that easy, but with the right ideas, you can be sure that your sprogs can get the most of the fresh summer air, the great sunshine, and get that well-needed exercise and interaction that’s essential for health. We’ve been providing a great range of garden toys (including trampolines) for years now. And more recently, we introduced a few bits that we had researched and found were of high quality, with great durability and a fun factor fit for Irish weather — and Irish kids! So let’s take a look.

Bouncing Around

With the right gear, you won’t have any trouble keeping kids entertained in the summer. We have a great range of pools and water slides for kids. These have been hugely popular over lockdown and beyond. And another great and popular choice that doesn’t involve getting your garden or lawn soaked with water, is the Constant Air Spring n’ Slide Bouncy Castle. This is a great setup for kids parties or just for taking advantage of these rare summer weeks where we have some beautiful weather and a good excuse to have everyone outside enjoying themselves.

We selected this product because of its durability and its easy setup. It just takes a couple of minutes, and the pump will keep it inflated so you don’t have those repeated moments of having to pull the kids aside from the floppy mess occupying your garden in order to pump it all back up again – it stays inflated, so you can relax and keep an eye on the kids from the comfort of your decking. Naturally, this is for kids over three over three years of age, and you do of course have to keep an eye on everyone because you as know, kids can occasionally get out of hand! On that note, the product comes with a handy repair kit to keep things going for longer than you’d expect.

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Summer: Splashing About

If you want a wetter, better alternative for your kids, the H20GO! Turbo Splash Water Park is like having the Aquadome out your back garden! Well, almost… The Turbo Splash Water Park has a large pool area, a little climbing wall, and a water gun, all build into this colourful fun package that is a blast for kids aged five to ten years of age.

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