Kayaking on a Budget

Kayaking on a Budget

Kayaking on a budget can be difficult when so many makes and kayak models cost upwards of €1,000. Many kayaks are built for a specific type, such as whitewater, slalom or surfing. But for those who are just looking to get out on the water, things can get expensive, with many touring boats costing a lot. These heavier boats are also difficult to carry — you’ll at least need a roof rack and potentially a trailer, depending on how many you need. They’re not easy to lift or portage from one area to another. This is where an inflatable kayak comes in.

Kayaking on a Budget

The Hydro-Force Inflatable Kayak is great for slow-moving rivers and streams. Suppose you’re off out on a lake or somewhere with calm water and low wind. It can comfortably carry a total weight of 160kg, making it suitable for almost everyone. It uses a quick inflate/deflate valve to allow you to quickly inflate and store away the kayak without the need for roof racks. It’s also, naturally, very light. So if you have some areas on your trip where you need to carry the boat to another point on the water, it’s straightforward to do so. As a two-person kayak, you’re going to get a lot of fun out of this. It comes with two aluminium paddles which are lightweight and 2.18 metres in length.

Comfort on the Water

One of the nice features of the Hydro-Force is the long-backed seats. These allow you to sit back with relative comfort and enjoy the scenery without so much discomfort as you’d experience in a typical kayak. The canoe is made from a very robust PVC which is oil, salt and UV resistant. With a typical low-cost kayak, you have a lot of side-to-side movement, which wastes energy and reduces your speed. This model has a removable middle keel fin to help you cut in straight lines through the water. This reduces strain, effort and improves your speed. You can remove the keel in shallower water if needs be.

Safety First

Always remember to travel in groups. You should wear a buoyancy aid at all times – you never know what might happen! And remember that adequate training is essential to enjoy this water sport safely.

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