John Deere Go-Karts For Kids Aged 2-8

John Deere Go-Karts For Kids Aged 2-8

The John Deere brand has been in existence for over 175 years. John Deere is dedicated to those who are linked to the land especially farmers. They take pride in providing supreme equipment solutions and products to farmers all over the world. John Deere supports a higher quality of life as well as assisting customers to achieve their own personal successes. BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing and selling active outdoor products. Their amazing range of go-karts guarantee years of enjoyment and fun to children of all agesJohn Deere Go Karts For Kids Aged 2-8 - BFR Go-Kart .BERG is synonymous with top quality and set high-quality standards for their products making them some of the best go-karts in the world. Here at DFG, we sell four different kinds of top quality John Deere go-karts:-

BERG John Deere BFR Go-Kart

This 60.1kg BERG John Deere BFR go-kart will turn you into the best helper a farmer can wish for. This go-kart is suitable for children ages 5 and above. It contains an impressive set of deep-tread special tractor tyres, a swing axle for additional grip in dirty/muddy surfaces and a cool looking exhaust pipe.The BFR system will let you brake using the pedals, but also reverse quickly after coming to a standstill. For extra enjoyment, you can fit out this John Deere go-kart with lots of nice accessories such as a lift bucket, pallet fork or roll bar with flashing light. All the accessories that can be attached for specific farm work.

John Deere Go Karts For Kids Aged 2-8 - BFR-3 Go-Kart

BERG John DeereBFR-3 Go-Kart

The BERG John Deere BFR-3 weighing 62.1kg will take you on some great farm adventures. What differentiated this from the general BFR go-kart is that it has 3 different gears, an adjustable saddle, a rear lifting unit, a roll bar and mudguards. It also has deep-treaded tractor tyres with a swing axle to give you additional grip and support in uneven surfaces of the farm. The BFR 3 go-kart can be fitted with lots of great accessories as well such as a lift bucket, pallet fork and a flashing light. This go-kart is also suitable for children aged 5 years +.

BERG Buzzy John Deere Go-Kart

John Deere Go Karts For Kids Aged 2-8 - Buzzy

This 8.5kg real looking John Deere is perfect for children ages 2-5 years to have endless hours of fun.This John Deere Buzzy go kart is perfect for children that are growing due to the adjustable seat and saddle. Your child will maintain control at all times due to the independent steering while pedalling and braking. This go kart embodies all the functionality and unique features of a BERG Buzzy in a cool John Deere design.

This easy to ride go kart has lots of cool and enticing features like independent steering, appealing John Deere design, large bonnet, spoiler, cool black grill, tractor steering wheel with spinner knob, headlights and special tractor rim tyres all features create and mimic a mini john deere tractor for children to have fun and enjoyment outside.

BERG Buddy John Deere Go-Kart

The BERG buddy John Deere go kart is just 22kg in weight and is suitable for children between 3-8 years. This go-kart is a totally pedal-powered go-kart John Deere Go Karts For Kids Aged 2-8 - Buddywhich doesn’t move as quickly as an electric go-kart eliminating the chances of injury. This go-kart is ideal in acting as an aid for kids to experience actions to help them to learn how to cycle later in life. Pedal toys allow kids to become coordinated and balanced while also gaining valuable confidence in their own ability to do something without the assistance of others. The John Deere buddy will make a child into an ideal helper on the farm. This go kart also has some unique and cool features to it like an adjustable seat and steering wheel to allow the go-kart to grow with the child, reverse pedalling, sealed bearings, deep tread tyres and a swing axle for added grip in rough surfaces. This go-kart guarantees years of fun.