Inground Trampoline by Berg

Inground Trampoline by Berg

Inground trampolines can remove many of the problems with a regular setup. With a regular trampoline, the jumping mat is raised off the ground using raised metal legs. This setup can create an increased risk of injury due to falling off the platform or misstepping when mounting or dismounting. It also means there’s more of a fall if someone misses the jumping surface. A regular setup also takes up more space visually, which can make a garden or yard feel more cluttered than it actually is. An inground trampoline will solve this by placing the jumping surface flush with the ground. In order to achieve this, you do need to dig a trench but it’s worth it if you plan to have it in the ground long-term.

The Berg Inground Trampoline

One of the chief downsides to an inground trampoline is air resistance. The trench needs to have adequate space on the sides to allow air to pass. This way, when someone is jumping, and the air is compressed, it can escape out the sides. This action still creates resistance which can reduce the spring in the jumping surface. Berg’s inground trampolines solves this problem using a unique ‘AirFlow’ technology. This gives you the same springiness as a regular trampoline but allows more air to pass through the jumping mat. As a result, you will get far more spring in your step on a Berg Flatground.

Which Model to Choose

The right model for you will depend on what you’re after. Do you have it for your kids? How many? Will they be doing stunts? When doing aerial stunts, it’s best to have more space on the jumping surface for safety reasons. All of Berg’s inground trampolines have the option of a safety net. The most commonly bought Inground is the Berg ‘Favorit’ inground. This is an entry-level trampoline with all of the great Berg features; Ample padding and strong, durable materials that will last for years. The Favorit comes in three different sizes; 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft. Something like the Berg Inground Elite may be a good choice for more serious jumpers. It has an optional deluxe safety net which makes it excellent for the whole family.

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