In Ground Trampoline Ireland

In Ground Trampoline Ireland

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have one of the best selections of in ground trampolines Ireland has to offer. There are plenty of good reasons to choose ‘in ground’ over a regular.

Increased Safety

With a regular trampoline, the bouncing mat is elevated off the ground using a steel frame. This setup greatly increases the risk of injury. In fact, most injuries on a trampoline are while mounting or dismounting. Having an in ground trampoline means mounting and dismounting is a mere matter of walking on and off. This, coupled with a safety net (which is an opinion on most Berg and EXIT trampolines), gives you maximum safety and vastly reduces the risk of injuries.

In Ground Trampoline Ireland: Aesthetics

While a regular setup is the easiest to set up or move, it occupies more space. Because it’s elevated on a steel frame, it can make your garden or yard feel more cluttered. An in ground trampoline is flush with the ground giving you a clear line of sight behind it. This might be a huge advantage depending on your garden layout. Granted, you’ll need to dig a pit, but it’s worthwhile if you intend to keep the trampoline around long-term.

Crush The (Air) Resistance

One of the typical downsides of an in ground trampoline is that air resistance. Since the jumping surface is typically surrounded by the ground, there’s nowhere for the air to go when you jump on the mat. This creates strong resistance which can often reduce the bounce-ability. However, Berg uses its AirFlow system on its jumping surfaces. This meshed design reduces air resistance by up to 50%, giving you far more bounce for your buck.


Will you be performing tricks? When executing aerial tricks, it’s safer to have more space on the bouncing surface. A model like the Berg Inground Elite could be a good choice for more serious jumpers since it has extra padding. Are you getting a trampoline for your kids? All of Berg’s inground trampolines offer the option of a safety net – though note that horseplay and more than one person on the mat at the same time makes jumping more dangerous. For safety, the Berg ‘Favorit’ inground is the most popular choice. It’s an entry-level trampoline incorporating all of Berg’s best features; generous padding and robust, long-lasting materials that will endure for years. The Favorit is available in 11 foot, 12.5 foot and 14 foot models.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132