The Importance of Airflow for Trampolines

The Importance of Airflow for Trampolines

When you have a trampoline, it’s good to consider the importance of airflow. Especially when all about getting the most bounce for your buck. You want something safe, durable and can get you airborne effectively. A trampoline works by storing elastically charged potential energy as you fall into the jumping mat and giving it back to you as you jump. But one of the surprising hindrances to this elastic charge is air resistance. We’ve been one of the longest stockists of Trampolines in Ireland. And we have seen plenty of different brands, models and designs. So here are some tips to get the bounce!

When buying a trampoline, consider the importance of Airflow

There are so many options on the market. The basic ones often provide good bounce, but it’s not going to be the best. BERG’s range offers what they call ‘Airflow’ technology. This is a meshed design for the jumping surface that allows air to pass through. Meaning you get all of that springiness and bounce but without nearly as much air resistance. The result is a much better jump and more possibilities for stunts and tricks.

Especially when choosing a flatground model

Flatground trampolines are a great choice. They’re stylish, with a lot of the ‘ugly’ parts hidden away at ground level. And they’re more accessible since there’s no climbing to get on or off the trampoline. But they are especially susceptible to airflow issues. When they’re embedded, the air underneath the trampoline must be able to escape. You’ll also get some funny sounds as the air is pushed out from the hole beneath the trampoline. BERG’s flatground model uses the AirFlow technology to again reduce airflow and make it more like a regular jumping mat. BERG estimate that the airflow is 50% better with their technology. And when it comes to a flatground, the improvement means that the flatground is just as effective for bouncing as a regular trampoline. BERG also has a special protective edge that stays stable in relation to the jump mat while allowing for airflow. Combined with the airflow mat, you get much better airflow and a noiseless function.

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