Going Electric with Go Karts

Going Electric with Go Karts

Electric powered ride on toys have been the biggest thing this decade, but going electric with go karts is still not as well known. The great Go-Kart manufacturer, BERG set out to change this with the incredible E-BFR range of electric go-karts.

Going electric with Go-Karts: Who are Berg?

For decades, Berg have been known for their excellent toys and equipment. That includes Go-Karts. They provide a range of karts from ages 2 to teens. Renowned for their durability, they have sturdy frames that can last generations.

What is the E-BFR

In addition to their comprehensive range of traditional go-karts, they also produce the E-BFR. This is a fully electric go-kart suitable for kids over the age of 6 who weigh between 48-60kg. The E-BFR range is no slow coach, it can reach speeds of up to 16 kmph. As such, they do require adult supervision and, of course, it’s important to ensure they are not used on public roads.

The Hybrid E-BFR – A Good Balance

Are you looking for a good balance between full automation and speed and some healthy exercise (with durable, reliable mechanisms)? If so, then Berg’s Hybrid E-BFR is a good choice. This can be considered a happy medium that gives the fun of electric power with the versatility and endurance – and exercise – of a regular kart. This rewards exercise with power, the harder you pedal the more speed you’re able to get. The 24V battery is removable if you want to go fully mechanical and it has the capacity to power movement for up to 2 hours of play. It has some nifty features that kids love, including a USB phone charger underneath the digital display. It’s suitable for kids aged 6-12 weighing up to 100kg.

A range of styles

One of the fun things about Berg’s range of Go-Karts is the range of designs and colours to suit kids of different ages and persuasions. A nice example is the Berg X-Plore E-BFR. This has some fun ‘off-road’ styling, with thick pneumatic tyres designed for rougher terrain. It uses a swing axle to keep the chassis grounded even on bumpy territory.

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