Go Karts VS E-Scooters: Which Is Better?

Go Karts VS E-Scooters: Which Is Better?

If you need to decide between Go-Karts VS E-Scooters, then here’s a few ideas to keep in mind when making your decision. One thing is for certain; karts are never going to go out of style. These have been around even before we had automobiles! We’re a proud supplier with one of the largest range of Berg Go-Karts in Ireland, And we also have a growing range of E-scooters. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.


One thing you can’t argue about Go-Karts, Berg’s range, in particular, is that they are robust. We very rarely have anyone come back to the store with a damaged or defective Go-Kart. These babies are built to last, and often are handed down from an older sibling to a younger, once they’ve outgrown them. And bigger karts are designed to grow with the child, with quite a good age range possible. For example, the Buzzy Go Kart range is built for two to five-year-olds. And then you also have the Buddy range, which is suitable for three to eight-year-olds. Then you have the Berg Rally range, which offers an astounding period of usage ranging between four and twelve-year-olds. Really few outdoor toys can provide play for such a long period, and the Berg range is one of the few that you can have confidence will actually survive that long.

Go Karts VS E-Scooters: E-Scooters

The big question around E-Scooters is this: Are they a fad? It seems unlikely. They’ve been adopted by kids and adults alike at a rate which does suggest that these are going to stick around with us unless something better comes up. But they’re unlikely to disappear any time soon. So with that, the main thing to consider is longevity. Lower quality models have poor quality batteries, which will lose their charge over time. We provide a range of high-quality scooters for all age groups. How long these last depends on the user. For rough usage, you might be better off considering a Go-Kart. The non-electric models do not have vulnerable batteries exposed to damage, and their thick metal frames are quite robust. While E-scooters do come with high-quality parts, the long standing-platform is where the battery is located, and this is also the most vulnerable area. Make sure that if you decide to purchase one of these, you take care to only use it on even surfaces where damage is unlikely.