Go Karts For Sale in 2024

Go Karts For Sale in 2024

Here’s our guide for the best Go Karts for sale in 2024. As with previous years, Berg Go-karts remain the champion as they continue to capture the hearts of kids and adults alike. At Douglas Forest and Garden. The reason why Berg Go-karts continue to lead the pack is that their classic design and robust buid make them great craic and able to last for years. Here’s an overview of the best Go Karts categorised by age group.

Go Karts For Sale in 2024: Toddlers

The Berg Buzzy Range is a great choice for toddlers. Built for kids aged 2-5, they’re a step up from an old school tricycle with just as much fun but more stability and therefore safety. What’s handy about some of the models, like the Berg Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1, is that it can double as a push car. It’s lovely to get the smallies out on wheels but as we all know, toddlers can sometimes want to do their own thing. Having the option of giving them an oul’ push every now and then is appreciated.

The Berg Buddy (Ages 3-8)

The Berg Buddy range is often sold out and for good reason. This is that classic bucket seat and frame but just a little bit smaller for the younger bunch. It comes in a variety of themes and colour schemes so there’s plenty of room for your child’s imagination to roll away.

Berg Classic Go Kart

The Berg Classic Go Kart is built for kids aged 5+. This is the Kart some of us grew up with. In classic blue and red, they have an adjustable seat and that classic design. You can get the ‘Basic Pure’ which simply has the steel frame for the steering wheel. And then there’s the ‘Basic Super’ which has a bit of styling on the steering wheel. For aerodynamic purposes, of course!

Berg E-BFR Electric Go Kart

The Berg E-BFR Battery Collection has risen in popularity in recent years. Kids love the fact that they can really take off and spin around like they’re in a real car. Though of course there’s a bit less exercise involved in these, they’re still great fun and loved by the kids (even if the adults would prefer to have them moving a bit more!).

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