Go Karts for Sale: The Best Deals on Berg Karts

Go Karts for Sale: The Best Deals on Berg Karts

We have some of the best Go Karts for sale. Many people know Berg as the Go Kart manufacturer. They’ve been pioneers in the industry for generations, and they are known for producing rock-solid karts that last for years. They also provide the greatest variety of Go Karts with offerings for kids as young as 2 and suitable for kids right into the teens. So let’s take a look at some of Berg’s best Go Karts on Sale.

What to Look for When Buying a Go-Kart

As with any product, you don’t want something that’ll break easily. Ideally it can handle the rough and tumble that a kid is bound to present to any object they interact with! This is perhaps why Berg are so well-known. Their designs often seem indestructable! While there are some exceptions, with some models having very cool looking extra bits and bobs added on which help enhance the theme, these parts are slightly less robust than the solid frame that holds them together. Nonetheless, even the most vulnerable of Berg’s Go Karts will make most other kids toys feel as fragile as a soap bubble.

The Best Deal for 2-5 Year Olds BERG Buzzy Go-Kart Range

Berg provide two main categories for kids as young as two. The Berg Buzzy range is designed as your child’s first ride-on toy. It’s more stable than a tricycle but just as easy to use for a child. It also has offerings that can also serve as a pushcar for those times when you want to balance between your child having fun and you getting from A to B in a reasonable time! The Berg Reppy range is a bit more like a traditional Go Kart but designed for younger kids. It has some cool designs to suit the interests of different children and they’re a lot of fun.

Go Karts for Sale for 3-8 Year Olds

As your child grows, Berg provides a toy that can grow with them. The Berg Buddy range is a pedal-powered Go-Kart for girls and boys aged three to eight years of age. With great designs such as the Jeep, the Fendt and the Lua, there’s something for everyone. And for the hardcore metaller we occasionally see come out in toddlers, there’s also the Berg Buddy Choppy which is a tricycle go-kart designed to resemble the Chopper motorbike. Rock n’ roll!

The Rally Go Kart for 4-12 year olds

Berg’s Rally range is a beautifully designed frame and ‘Break-Freewheel-Reverse’ (BFR) system that allows you to break and reverse simply by using the pedals for a fun experience that helps your kid safely develop their coordination.

For kids aged 5+

Once you hit that five year mark, your child is more capable and ready to hit the big time! Berg has many different offerings for children at this age group.

The Berg Classic range is the Go Kart you may have seen or played with yourself as a kid. From the ages of five onwards, this chassic will provide hours,days, weeks, perhaps years of fun. And these are robust enough to be passed on from one sibling to the next. Perhaps the most quintessential classic chassis is the Berg Basic Pure which does away with all the bells and whistles to give you that traditional classic kart feel.

Themed Karts for Sale

There’s also a fun range of themed Go Karts for sale. This includes the Berg Farm Range, which has some officially licensed John Deere Go Karts. Some that resemble New Holland tractors, as wel as the Claas and Case models. Each of these have a distinct look and feel that matches the real deal. Coupled with some Go Kart Farm Accessories such as a trailer or pallet fork, your children can let their imagination run wild while developing strength and coordination.

The Off-Road Go Kart Berg Go-Karts Off Road Range

Another fun theme is the ‘off-road’ range which includes the X-Cross and X-plore, both of these have custom tyres and an axle better suited for rougher terrain. There’s also the Berg Jeep which is designed to look like the real McCoy and comes in two different models with different features.

Specials on Offer

For the unconventional kiddo (or adult) there’s also the Berg Special range, which has all sorts of really unusual but really cool designs that’ll provide hours of fun for kids. Highlights include the Berg Street X Venom, which is a reclined tricycle which is loads of fun and inspired by the movement of motorbikes and racing cars. The seating position gives a greater sense of speed for those thrill seekers. Another really fun and unconventional example is the Berg Duo Chopper BF. This is a two-person go-kart inspired by the chopper motorcycle and sidecar combo and is a whole lot of fun.

The Berg Race Range

The Berg Race range is very popular and it’s currently sold out. Berg’s Race GTS has an aerodynamic look and feel that kids love. Its robust frame is suitable for professional use and it even has a parking brake (not that you’ll be stopping very often on this speed demon).

Last but not least – for kids aged 6+ best electric go-kart

Kids as young as five can happily use the regular Berg range. The E-BFR range, however, is an electric Go Kart that needs just requires kids with just a little more maturity (and adult supervision) to run. The Berg E-BFR range brings Berg’s 25 years of experience with modern Lithium-Ion technology to produce the most robust and fun electric Go Karts on the market. There’s a whole range to select from. The best thing to do if you’re on the market for a good go kart on sale is to go through our offerings and see if there’s one that you think will suit your child.

Ordering a Go Kart for Sale in Ireland

If you have any questions about our range or you’re simply looking for some pointers or advice, we’re always available by phone (or at least during work hours) and happy to offer our experience and advice whenever we can. We provide free delivery of Go-Karts anywhere in Ireland. Our delivery times are very fast (though not as fast as a Berg E-BFR!). We often have deals and promotions for various toys, and our prices are always competitive.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132