Go-Karts for Kids

Go-Karts for Kids

Here at Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a massive range of go-karts for kids. Our range starts with go-karts suitable for toddlers and moves up right into the teens. Berg has the best quality go-karts on the market. They look good, they’re great fun, and they last for years. Here’s a breakdown of the range based on kids’ age groups:

Starter Karts for Smallies (2-5 Years Old)

For the younger crowd, you can’t go wrong with the Buzzy Range. Take the Berg Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1, for example. It’s a step up from the usual tricycle, providing four-wheel stability, making it tough to tip over. Plus, it doubles as a pushcar. This is almost a requirement when you’re bringing your smallies out and hope to get from A to B at some stage today!

Go-Karts for Kids aged 2-6

As kids get older, their needs shift a bit. That’s where the Reppy range shines. These karts feature a more traditional bucket seat that lets your child sit back and enjoy the ride. The Berg Reppy Racer is a popular pick, offering various themes that kids can’t get enough of.

Older Kids (4-12 Years Old)

For those aged 4 to 12, the Rally Range is a solid choice. It’s lightweight and compact but packs a punch in the great outdoors. Take the Rally Orange, which comes with an adjustable seat that grows with your kid, and as with all Berg Go-Karts, its durable steel frame has a two-year warranty.

Classic Karts

Berg’s Classic Range are the Go-Karts we would have had growing up. They’re great fun with a minimalist design and robust build that’ll last for years. One standout is the Berg Basic Pure Blue BFR. It’s got that old-school look but is made from up-to-date, quality materials.

Going Electric

If you’re looking for something a bit faster and with a bit more excitement, check out Berg’s Electric Go Karts in the E-BFR Battery range. They combine Berg’s timeless designs with a battery-powered boost. The Berg X-Plore E-BFR is a top pick, offering both style, speed and comfy seats.

If you have any questions about our range of kids go-karts, feel free to give us a ring at 021 4965132.