Getting Around With Ninebot

Getting Around With Ninebot

Getting around with Ninebot is a treat for everyone who can get their hands on some of their incredible range of e-scooters. Ninebot is a Segway company, the original inventors of the gyroscopic motors that have enabled hoverboards. So you know that you’re in good hands with one of these. The Ninebot range of e-scooters comes in three models, each with its own features and considerations. So let’s have a look.

Getting Around With Ninebot’s E22E

The Kickscooter E22E is a lightweight e-scooter with a hands-free folding system, which takes away the unpleasant moments that can occur when you’re folding up a regular scooter. The E22E has dense 22cm tyres that are built to last. With a maximum speed of about twenty kilometres per hour and a range of up to twenty-two kilometres, this is a great model for anyone who wants to go a little further. It also features two independent brakes plus regenerative braking so that you don’t waste power every time you need to slow down.

The Kickscooter E25E

Featuring the same sturdy tyres as the E22E, this model has a better maximum speed of twenty-five kilometres per hour (that’s 25% faster) and a greater range of up to twenty-five kilometres. In addition to the two brakes of the E22E, the ’25E also has a third brake: front and rear electronic and regenerative brakes, plus a foot brake.

The MAX G30

The Kickscooter MAX G30 is the highest quality model in Ninebot’s range. With pneumatic tyres, you have greater comfort and safety. Like the E25E, you have a maximum speed of twenty-five kilometres per hour but with a whopping sixty-five-kilometre range! This is the greatest range available in this class of e-scooter. It can also handle a 20% inclination without struggle and features a fast-charging charger build-into the scooter, so your options aren’t limited if you ever find yourself in a bind.

Keep in mind that to date, there is no legislation on public road use for e-scooters and these should not be used on footpaths. Legislation should be due this year and it’s expected it will bring Ireland up-to-date with other European countries that allow their use without taxation or insurance requirements. Just ensure that you always wear protective equipment while using. Have fun!