Get on Board with Ride-On Toys

Get on Board with Ride-On Toys

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been helping kids get on board a wide range of Ride-On Toys. We see so many great options on the market these days. Many electric vehicles break the mould with cool new features and possibilities that weren’t possible ten years ago.

Naturally, the e-scooter has stolen the show over recent years. It’s just such a great way to get around; it gets all of the great things about the earliest electric personal transportation devices (like the Sequay) and puts it in a form factor that’s accessible, simple and looks cool whether you’re a teen or an adult.

Get on Board

Nonethless, many people still want a regular scooter. Especially people who are interested in stunts, where a battery is more of a hindrance than anything. The Xootz Invert 360 provides a strong and sturdy scooter that’s perfect for skate parks. And it’s got an unbeatable price of only €39.

In Ireland we saw a huge explosion in hoverboards. Over the years these have gotten more durable, with better battery power and features and lower costs. The Oxboard Carbon One is a great example. It has a maximum carrying weight of 120kg (264 lbs), a maximum speed of 15 kilometres per hour, with a maximum distance of between ten to 15 kilometres depending on what the setting and other situational variables such as the weight of the user. Even with all of this, the charging time is only two to three hours. The cool thing about the Carbon is that it has a really nice carbon style to it which looks great. It’s got a nice weight of 11kg which feels sturdy and robust. Despite having a great range and great speed, it’s less than 300 euros to buy new and is €100 cheaper than Oxboards’ flagship hoverboard, the Oxboard PRO.

Kids, Get on Board

For the smallies, we’ve seen some neat little ideas such as the Xootz BMW 4 Series Officially Licensed Kids Electric Ride On Car. This is the fun little toy we all wish we had when were small. Officially licensed, it has lots of nice features and design elements from the real BMW so playing pretend doesn’t have to take too much of a stretch of your child’s imagination! The rechargeable battery has a run time of up to two hours with a safe but fun maximum speed of 3.5 kilometres per hour.

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