Four Wheel Toys

Four Wheel Toys

Despite all the excitement around e-scooters and other electric transportation, four wheel toys are still as popular as ever. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have been offering the best Berg Go-Karts for years now. We also offer a range of other fun transportations for kids of all ages.


They’re a tried and trustworthy offering because of their excellent build quality. With sturdy metal frames that can last years and robust moving parts, tyres and adjustable seating to continue growing with your kids as they grow.

For kids aged 10-30 months, the GO² range is an excellent option. It comes in five different colour options. And what’s really great about this range is that they are designed to grow with your toddler. In the beginning, as they’re learning to coordinate, you can fold away the pedals allowing them to scoot along the floor. And later, as they develop the necessary motor skills, you can extend the pedals so they can learn how to cycle. The GO² karts have a wide wheelbase to keep your toddler safe as they learn, have fun and explore.


There’s also Berg’s E-BFR range. These are top of the range of electric powered Go-Karts for kids aged six plus. Berg let you choose from five options, with different styles and colours, so your kid can express their personality and ride around in style. They can accommodate any person under 100kg in weight. They’re equipped with pneumatic types meaning they absorb shocks and allow you to traverse terrain with greater comfort. They also have maximum speeds of sixteen kilometres per hour, so these need to be handled with care!

Other Battery-Powered Four Wheel Toys

Go-Karts are amazing fun, though there is a huge amount of interest in hoverboards for some. You can marry the two, as Oxboard did with their Oxboard Super Kart. This device attaches to an Oxboard hoverboard, enabling it to function as a scooter. It has two handles that are used to move forward, turn and brake. The foot pedals are height adjustable, and the frame is sturdy enough to accommodate people of all ages, young and old.

Another device to consider is the E-BFR Hybrid. This allows both electric and pedal-powered movement. The great advantage of this is that even if the battery power runs out, you can still kick around.