Foundations for a Good Trampoline

Foundations for a Good Trampoline

There are three foundations for a good trampoline. Durability, quality, and safety. You need something safe. And it needs to be of a high quality, with excellent features. And it needs to be durable. For this reason, we provide BERG and EXIT trampolines first and foremost. Both brands are absolutely excellent in terms of their durability, their build quality and their safety features.

Foundations for a Good Trampoline: Quality Options

We have regular above ground, flatground and in-ground trampolines. We have sizes that go from 9-foot to 17-foot. With different designs that are circular and rectangular.

The main difference between a standard versus an in-ground trampoline is that a standard allows you to move it around the lawn. The in-ground trampoline means you have to dig a 75-centimetre pit in the yard. The only downside is that it’s a permanent feature. You can’t move it around. Safety-wise, yes there are features for the in-ground. The kids can’t crawl in underneath when others are bouncing on top of it which is important. If the wind is blowing hard, the in-ground trampolines are much safer as they are less liable to take off.

Durability and Safety

The two most popular trampolines are the BERG Favorit and Champion. The Favorit has the gold spring solo springs whereas the champion has the twin springs. The champion has more durability as a result. In terms of safety, the Champion also has thicker padding. The padding around the springs is much thicker. And the framing on the Champion is more robust.

Many brands use clips or zips, but if enough pressure is applied to these systems then there’s a worry that they will pop open and the child will fall out. All BERG safety nets have a unique design. They have a self-closing entrance and they have foam around the support poles for the net. All of this means you have a much safer space. Especially for younger jumpers. The self-closing entrance means when the child goes in there’s no fear of them falling back out.

If you’re considering a trampoline for your garden and you’re unsure what size, build or type suits you best, you can always give us a call. We’re happy to give you any assistance you might need. Our number is 021 4965 132