EXIT's Trampolines

EXIT's Trampolines

EXIT’s Trampolines are very impressive, well-thought-out pieces of equipment. For years, we solely stocked BERG because they are the industry standard, but in recent years we’ve come to love what EXIT can do. With many offerings that compare very well with BERG’s. Our full range of trampolines come in different configurations that give you more options, and we’re happy to go through some of our favourites with you today.

It’s All About How You Frame It

The strength, durability, longevity and bounce-ability, are all dependent on the frame. The springs and jumping mat, of course, are essential. Without them, you can’t get that charged-up kinetic energy to thrust you into the air. But their performance relies entirely on the frame. EXIT’s frames are solid and constructed in such a fashion as to support the jumping mat as it stretches out. If there were too much give in the frame, the mat would lose some of its potential energy, which relies on the tension between the matt and the frame to provide jumping power.

EXIT’s Trampolines: The PeakProEXIT's Trampolines

The Peakpro is EXIT’s flagship trampoline range for children. Their largest rectangular trampoline has a length of 4.6 metres and a width of 2.75 metres. It comes with a safety net as standard and has a black frame and design all around with a reflective tape around its edges for visibility. It also includes a little trampoline ladder for mounting and dismounting safely. This is really designed for kids who already have been trained and have experience with safe trampolining.

The next-largest rectangular trampoline by EXIT is the more economical Elegant. At 4.2m x 2.4 metres, the Elegant is a bit smaller but also comes with its economy safety net. It also has black skirting to keep unwitting toes away from its springs.

Circular Trampolines

The PeakPro range also comes in a round configuration. It comes in two sizes. 3.6 metres and 4.2 metres. As with the rectangular PeakPro, it has an all-black matte frame and net, but with a reflecting rim around the top of the net and base to aid visibility. It has eighty galvanised twenty-five-centimetre springs, allowing the jumping mat to load up with oodles of potential energy for tricks and high jumps. The safety net has a built-in jump measuring scale so your kids can see who the winner is.

If you have questions about our range, don’t hesitate to contact us on 021 496 51 32.