Escooters soon to be legal on Irish Roads

Escooters soon to be legal on Irish Roads

Many people have been interested in escooters but have put off buying them due to the lack of legislation. The government has finally approved e-scooters on Irish roads and the law should be enacted before Christmas. So what can you expect and what should you watch out for?

What to expect

The big push for legislation on e-scooters came from sharing services, some local some who are running in other countries that wished to start up their services in Ireland. There are about twenty such services who want to get started and once they’re up and running, you can expect to see a lot more escooters on the roads.

Escooters soon to be legal: What to watch out for

While driving on the roads will soon be legal for an E-scooter, you should still be careful and keep in mind that you’re very exposed to injury if you don’t take proper precautions. Make sure to wear a helmet at all times. Add a front and rear light when using your scooter- especially in the evening. Keep awareness of traffic and remember that you may be difficult to spot – especially when drivers are used to watching out for other drivers but less aware of scooters.

E-scooters are great fun and a nifty way to get around, but also be aware that while you’re at risk from cars and larger vehicles, you also put pedestrians at risk. Avoid using the footpaths and if you must use them, go at a slow speed. Remember, going full speed past people can be frightening – especially for elderly people who may not have the best balance. Take it easy, let people know you’re passing and be prepared for the unexpected!

What’s the Best e-Scooter for Irish Roads?

Probably the best scooter for Irish roads is one with larger pneumatic tyres. Electric scooters with smaller rubber wheels are more prone to catching on cracks and pavements. This can result in serious injuries. Larger pneumatic wheels are less prone to catching and also provide a softer, smoother commute! This is why our go-to Irish Roads is the Ninebot series. These are a terrific option whether you want something like an E22E to play around outside or something like the Ninebot Max G30 to get you to and from work.

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