Elite Trampolining

Elite Trampolining

Are you looking to experience elite trampolining? For most of us, our range of regular trampolines are more than enough for everyone to enjoy. But for those of us who are out to find the newest and greatest experiences, to hone their skills and become champions, then you can’t beat the Berg Flatground Ultim Elite.

Elite Trampolining

The Flatground Ultim Elite is a huge, five by three-metre jumping surface built by Berg. It resembles an Olympic trampoline and allows similar moves. It allows for superior jumping with better control thanks to its TwinSpring system to absorbed and release all that charged-up potential energy.

The Flatgrund Ultim Elite is covered in 45-millimetre thick padding and is 440 millimetres wide. This allows for a wide protective overlap to cover the springs and keep you safer. The padding has also been designed to give clean lines that look great. It’s guaranteed for five years.

The AirFlow Mat ensures less resistance so you can jump higher by reducing air resistance when you jump.

If you choose the flatground model, this has a noise-reducing system to make quieter jumps while keeping your mattress flush with the garden.

The AeroWall

In addition to the regular flatground Ultim, you can also purchase a detachable jumping wall. This allows you to add an entirely new dimension to your jumping and practice. It uses a strong inflatable wall that is very easy to fit and remove. The AeroWall can be stored away during the winter when the trampoline is not in use.

Safety First

As with other BERG trampolines, the Ultim Elite is not for public use. It is suitable for personal at-home use only. When trampolining, only one person should jump at a time as collisions are one of the main causes of injuries. It should not be used by people under six years of age. To prevent obstacles causing injuries, keep the trampoline at least two metres away from all hazards, including poles, fences and trees. In case someone falls off the trampoline in such a way that they go past the padding, it’s best to surround the trampoline with shock-absorbing materials such as wood chips or lawns in a space of at least two metres.

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