Electric Scooter Advantages

Electric Scooter Advantages

What Electric Scooter advantages should you consider when comparing to e-bikes and hoverboards? E-scooters have many advantages as a means of transport. We hold some of the best e-scooters, made by the Dutch company Oxboard. Built to give you the best quality technology at the lowest prices these are robust and dependable and guaranteed to bring you lots of fun.

What Kicked Off The E-Scooter?electric scooter advantages

The Segway was first released in 2001. Leading up to its public release, big Silicon Valley influencers such as Steve Jobs, who had a sneak preview declared it would change personal transport as we know it. Yet when the segway was released to the public, everyone laughed. The things looked ridiculous; like an ancient roman racing chariot for nerds. They were also very expensive. But the biggest failure of the segway was the form. It looked silly. But the technology was revolutionary. Before this, nobody had built an electric personal transportation system (outside of golf carts).
Fast-forward twenty years and the patented, revolutionary gyroscopic balancing systems are now available in hundreds of hoverboards made in China. These take the basic technology of the segway and make it cool by removing the weird bucket and embarrassing handlebars. With the rise in interest in these hoverboards, entrepreneurs had a renewed interest in electric personal transport. Enter the electric scooter, with better, cheaper batteries. These are easier to use than a hoverboard, provide much of the advantages of a segway while being far more portable — and looking far cooler (which isn’t hard). So finally we are seeing the revolution in personal transport with hoverboards, electric bikes and e-scooters playing a big part in this move towards personal electric vehicles. Now let’s look at the Electric Scooter Advantages compared with competing modes of transport.

Electric Scooter Advantages VS Other E-Transporters

Compared with a hoverboard, an E-scooter is much easier to handle. it’s also safer when used correctly as the handlebars aid with balance. Compared with an e-bike, they’re a little less safe, but they are lighter and more portable. Oxboard’s E-Kick scooters come in two options: the E-Kick, and the PRO2.

The Pro2 has a much more powerful 350W motor compared with the E-Kick’s 250W. A maximum speed of 25-30kmph versus the E-kick’s 25kmph. And a maximum distance of 25km versus the E-kick’s 10-12. So when choosing your scooter it’s good to think about what your needs are. If you plan on using this as transport around town, then the PRO2 may be your choice. It has a greater distance and better speed. If you’re looking less transportation and more fun, the E-Kick will give you a better bang for your buck.