Christmas Go Karts for Kids

Christmas Go Karts for Kids

Growing up, many of us were given a Berg Go Kart for Christmas. Generations later, the Berg Go Kart is still live and kicking with a greater range of options than ever before. We stock one of the largest ranges in Ireland with free delivery anywhere across the country. These are rock-solid toys that are built to last. So, like puppies, they’re not just for Christmas — they’re for life!

Karts for Toddlers (2-5 years)

For the smallest of the smallies, the Buzzy and Reppy ranges are a great choice. The Reppy range is about the size of a tricycle but have the stability of a kart with four widely spaced wheels. For the really small ones you can get a 2-in-1 kart such as the Buzzy Nitro or Buzzy Bloom. Both of these have a removable push bar for mom or dad to keep control at all times. These are ideal for the younger kids since the wide wheelbase keeps stability even on bumps and uneven surfaces.

Christmas Go-Karts for Kids

For kids aged between 3-8, the Berg Buddy Range is a great call. They come in a range of styles and themes, with adjustable seats to grow up alongside your sprog. For example, the Berg Buddy Choppy is a chopper-esque Go-Kart that looks like a real chopper motorbike. There’s also the Berg Buddy Jeep, licensed by the real Jeep company. It’s got that cool gunmetal green colour, a ‘jeep’ grill on the front and a other unique stylings to help fuel your kid’s imagination.

Adding to the Fun

When it comes to play, a few go kart accessories can go a long way to adding to the imagination and fun. Berg provides plenty of Go Kart Accessories that can extend the value and enjoyment and reigniting interest. For example, if you opted for a Farm-Themed Go Kart, you could consider some go kart farming accessories. These include a pallet fork, a bulldoser bucket, and a front lifting unit, among other great gadgets. If your smally wants to get involved in some garden landscaping there’s also a Berg Go Kart Trailer. There’s plenty of room in there for toys sand or lego bricks!

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132