The Right Soccer Goals To Improve Your Aim

The Right Soccer Goals To Improve Your Aim

Choosing the right soccer goals to improve your aim can be complicated. If you’re anything like me, you probably make decisions more complicated than they need to be! Here are a few things to consider to make this a quick and easy decision rather than something you have to spend an afternoon researching. Here in Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a great selection of some of the best football goals available in Ireland. They come in all shapes and sizes, with some designed to be compact and portable. Others are designed to stay in your garden or yard for extended periods. Let’s take a few of the small, low-cost options that help you improve your aim.

Choosing The Right Soccer Goals for Portabilityright soccer goals

When it comes to portability, EXIT makes some great goals. A couple of jackets bundled up can work, but in this day and age, it’s not difficult to have a really decent set of portable goals that make a tap around way more fun. The EXIT Flexx pop-up goals are very reasonable, currently costing €31.50 for a set of two. These are 1.2 metres wide and .8 metres in height. A smaller size not just for portability, but also for making a mess around a bit more fun. A smaller target means more practice for that aim (and a bit more forgiving if your defence isn’t the best)! If you only need one, you can get a single Flexx goal for just €17.36. Many pop-up goals can snag or break if you leave them in the boot of a car among other stuff. These come with a handy carry bag to keep things neat and prevent snags. They also come with three anchor pins so that you don’t spend half the game picking the goal back up!

An Even Smaller Option

A smaller, but more stable option is the Exit Pico goal set. The goal supports itself quite well and doesn’t tip over too easily. These are designed to help hone a light touch in your game. Being .9 metres in width and .6 of a metre in height, it’s a tiny target. These are great for improving your control and skills and are great to use when practising finesse and dribbling drills.

View the rest of our goals if you have something else in mind. Or give us a call on 021 496 51 32 if you have any questions!