Choosing a Go-Kart For Your Kids

Choosing a Go-Kart For Your Kids

If you’re looking for help choosing a Go-Kart for your kid, we have a few ideas that can help steer you on the right track. We exclusively stock Berg Go-Karts because they are everything you would want. They’re well-known for their sturdy construction and longevity, not just in terms of the build but in terms of the fun they can provide for kids aged 6+.

Choosing a Go-Kart for Toddlers

Berg has Go-Karts for everyone aged ten months onward. The Berg GO² range comes in different colours and is specially designed for toddlers aged 10-30 months. It grows as your child grows. At first, the pedals can be folded away so that your child can scoot along, developing and improving their balance and motor skills. And when they’re ready, you can fold out the pedals and let them take things to the next level.

Go-Karts for 2 to 5-Year-Oldschoosing a go-kart

Berg built the Buzzy range especially for two to five-year-olds. As the kids get older, their interests start to become apparent, and the Buzzy range comes in all shapes and colours to allow your child’s imagination to run wild. Examples include a “Jeep” model and a John Deere Tractor model.

Karts for kids aged 3-8

The Berg Buddy range is perfect for kids aged from three to eight. With a two-year warranty on the frame, these will grow up with alongside your child and provide countless hours of fun and exploration. These come in a range of styles, such as the Choppy, designed to look like a chopper bike. Or the Berg Lua, with mint and pink colours, adjustable steering wheel and seat.

Choosing a Go-Kart: The Rally Range

The Rally Range is designed for kids aged from 4-12 years and comes in four main styles. These have a tight turning circle making them very manoeuvrable. They also have BFR pedals (Brake, Forward, Reverse). This means the pedals act as breaks and help you come to a full stop; you can then reverse quickly. The Pearl comes in a fun colour combination with the frame on four pneumatic tyres to provide comfort and suspension. The Rally Force comes in a hot green colour with a front spoiler.


Most of the Berg Go-Karts for older kids (not toddlers) also work with the Berg Go-Kart Accessories. This includes trailers, sirens and other fun add-ons to let your child’s imagination run wild! If you’d like to find out more about our range or would like to make an order (with free shipping) for Go-Karts, give us a call on 021 4965 132.