Choosing a Basketball Net

Choosing a Basketball Net

When you’re choosing a basketball net it’s important to consider a number of factors. Where will the net be placed? How much space do you have? Is there a wall available that can allow safe mounting of the net, or would it need to be a free-standing version that is supported by a base? What age-range will the net be used by? How portable does it need to be — is it going to be moved often for any reason or can it stay in place? Then, of course, is the price range. Are you looking for something basic to keep you or your kids entertained for the summer, or are you intending to keep this as a more permanent fixture in your garden or outdoor space? We have a great range of EXIT basketball nets. We don’t stock any other providers simply because these are the best we have come across. Let’s break them down based on categories.

Choosing a Basketball Net Based On PriceChoosing a Basketball Net

The EXIT Galaxy backboard with hoop comes in at €167 and comes with a basketball hoop, a net, and a sturdy metal frame. This is, of course, a wall-mounted option which while costing relatively little, requires an adequate wall for mounting. If you intend to place it on a house make sure it’s away from any windows or gutters! For those

The EXIT Comet portable basketball net is a free-standing setup that costs €279. This model is adjustable to six different heights, so it can allow people of many ages to dunk. The base has two wheels and a counterweight. To use the net, you must fill the five sandbags included and push it through the cover so that it’s firmly in place.

Basketball Nets With The Most Features

The EXIT Galaxy wall-mounted net can also be purchased with a slam dunk hoop. This is essential for those who want to practice more advanced skills. The flexible hoop can tolerate dunking meaning it’s a much more robust option for more aggressive players. As with the lower-cost version, this can be adjusted to five different heights.

The EXIT Galaxy Portable is a portable basketball net that has been re-designed to allow for dunking. Rather than the pole extending straight up, it is angled back towards the base, allowing more space for jumps and dunks while keeping the centre-of-gravity closer to the counterweights.

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