Choose Your Trampoline

Choose Your Trampoline

To help choose your trampoline, we can provide help with your next trampoline purchase. It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, whether you’re a novice, or a parent seeking a good product for their kids, or an athlete who is looking for the most advanced equipment on the market, we have all of the best on hand and with free shipping in Ireland. So let’s take a look at some areas we cover.

Choose Your Trampoline: Advanced or Experienced Trampoliners

For those of you who are looking for something more advanced, then Elite Trampolining may be the option you’re after. The Ultim Elite range provides a great jumping surface that’s 5 x 3 metres. Berg manufactured it, which means you can rely on its thick 45-millimetre padding and protective overlap to cover the springs and keep you safe from injury. It’s also equipped with BERG’s AirFlow technology, so you get more spring in your step with minimal wind resistance.

Choose your trampoline: Style and Substance

We’ve spoken before about why you should choose a flatground trampoline. If you are one for having a well-manicured lawn, a regular trampoline can be unsightly. The Berg Champion comes in a range of flatground sizes to suit any sized garden. This range is of course not recommended for younger kids as there is often a lack of a net, which means more safety risks for those who are not taking care.

Enter Here for EXIT

While we’ve mostly spoken about Berg, EXIT’s trampolines are absolutely on par. With a range that works for all the family, the PeakPro is EXIT’s flagship model is rectangular and it sizes in at four and a half by two and three-quarter metres. This comes with a safety net and trampoline ladder and is best suited for those with experience. There are also circular options for a more traditional look and feel.

For Everything

Everyone is different with a different setup, different requirements and different people using them. So we strongly recommend you check out our full trampoline range and decide for yourself what works best for your needs. Most of our options come with free delivery direct to your door — no matter where you are in Ireland.

For more information or help to choose your trampoline, you can reach us today on 021-496 51 32