Children's Garden Toys

Children's Garden Toys

Children’s garden toys are important on those odd occasions when our Irish weather graces us with a bit of sun, in those brief dry patches between wet days, and in the frosty mornings of winter. But not all garden toys are created equal. Here’s a rundown of some tried and tested options.

Outdoor Pools

When the weather is decent, a garden pool can be great fun for all ages. Toddlers can enjoy a paddling pool, and older kid and adults can enjoy the larger pool sets. Paddling pools can also double as a ball pit for infants if it’s too cold for water. The 3-ply heavy-duty PVC and polyester Tri-tech side walls are durable enough to take a bit of a beating. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a heavy-duty repair patch, making it a good option for any garden.

Children’s Garden Toys: Go-Karts

Berg Go-Karts, like the Berg Buddy and Berg Rally, offer more than just a speedy thrill. These karts are also educational tools. They feature adjustable seats and a unique BFR system for easy pedalling and braking. The E-BFR range of battery-powered Go-Karts adds an extra layer of excitement. These aren’t just toys; they’re a fun way to develop motor skills and coordination.

EXIT Galaxy Basketball Hoop

Fixing a basketball net to your wall usually marries you to your original height measurements. If you decide you want to raise it up later, it usually involves re-fixing it to the wall. The EXIT Galaxy Basketball Hoop fixes this issue with an adjustable height, making it suitable for kids as they grow. The backboard can be set to five different heights, making it adaptable for various games and age groups.

Football Goals

Nothing wrong with a few bundled-up jumpers in the local green. But football goals offer more immersion and a clearer target that does away with the ‘it didn’t hit the post’ arguments. The EXIT Tempo Steel football goal is a sturdy, reliable piece of equipment that can also be used for training exercises. Practise your shooting, set up some cones for dribbling drills. The frame is galvanised and powder-coated for a long lifespan, with anchors to ensure that the goal stays put, no matter how hard you kick.

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