Buying a Trampoline: an Overview

Buying a Trampoline: an Overview

If you’re considering buying a trampoline this summer for you or your kids and you’re not really sure where to start, here is a brief overview to give you an idea of what you can expect and how to go about everything.

Trampoline Shapes and Types

There are three main types: a regular trampoline, a flatground and an inground. A regular trampoline stands on supports off the ground. A flatground and inground trampoline both require that you dig a trench underneath the jumping mat as the trampoline itself is at ground level.
And all three come in either a round, oval or rectangular shape. The round shape is the most common as it provides an even spring across the jumping surface. The centre of a round trampoline provides the most jump. A rectangular trampoline is better suited to serious gymnasts or trampolinists as it provides more room for tricks and stunts.


For a regular trampoline, the assembly may require an allen key and spring loading tool, both of which are provided. Assembly may take about an hour or two, and we recommend you do it with two people.
An inground or flatground trampoline will also require the digging of a trench beneath the jumping mat. The details of this trench are described in each trampoline offered on our site and we also provide a trampoline FAQ for each model type.

Buying a Trampoline: Maintenance

Aside from brief regular checks to ensure that all parts are in good condition before use, you are fine to use your trampoline throughout the year with very little maintenance. During harsher weather, wind risks damaging your trampoline or even whisking it away. For this reason, we recommend that you take it down during winter periods.


Trampolines are safe provided parental supervision is provided at all times. It’s best that you only allow one person on the trampoline at a time. This reduces the risk of people banging into each other which and reduces the risk of horseplay, both of which are responsible for most accidents. Make sure to follow the guidelines in your manual and in particular don’t allow anyone to use the trampoline mat when it’s wet as it can become slippery.
A detachable ladder may also be a good idea for trampolines if you have small children around as this enables you to prevent them from climbing on the mat unsupervised.

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