Bouncy Castles for Sale: The H20GO! Turbo Splash Water Parks

Bouncy Castles for Sale: The H20GO! Turbo Splash Water Parks

Looking for bouncy castles for sale? Summertime is all about getting out and making the most of the weather while it lasts, and this is doubly the case for kids. These days it can be a challenge to get them to lift their eyes from the screens. At Douglas Forest & Garden, we have a range of kids outdoor toys that can encourage even the squarest of eyes to get out and enjoy the outdoors. And this year, we’re delighted to announce we now have the H2GO! bouncy castles for sale.

The H20Go Bouncy Castles are the kind of thing we all dreamt of having when we were small. They provide hours and days of fun for your kids. Suitable for young people aged from five to ten years of age, and with the capacity for four to give kids at a time, they’ll have an absolute blast this summer. (This can also be a great way to distract kids while the grown-ups enjoy the hot tub). Here are the 3 bouncy castles we have for sale:

1. H20go! Turbo Splash Water Park Bouncy Castle

The H20Go Turbo Splash is composed of a climbing wall, water slide and splash pool (which is also a great zone for your kids to soak their friends using the built-in water blaster). There’s also a hidden bucket that will randomly soak people trying to get into the slide while also keeping the slide nice and slippery.bouncy castles for sale

The H20Go! Turbo splash includes an auto-inflater, so this thing will be up and ready within about 2 minutes. Then it’s just a matter of plugging in the water supply. This is all very easy — and easier again is letting the kids enjoy themselves outdoors.

2. H20go! Tsunami Waves Water Park Bouncy Castle

The Tsunami Waves bouncy castle has the capacity for up to seven kids and has two slides, a tunnel and a larger pool. This ensures that your kids can have fun even when there are a few extra friends around. As with the Turbo, this inflates in a couple of minutes making it really easy to set up (and put away).

3. The H20go! Hurricane Blast Water Park Bouncy Castle

The Hurricane Blast features a ‘shower tunnel’ to soak your kids as they use the slide, and also a safe ‘blob pool’ at the end of the slide so that they land safely and don’t take off across the garden! The main feature of this model is the curved slide, which kids love. The Hurricane is also easy to set up using the heavy-duty inflation device included.