What Are the Best Trampolines for Kids?

What Are the Best Trampolines for Kids?

What Are the Best Trampolines for Kids? And what should you know before you buy a new trampoline? Trampolining is a great sport that is excellent for fitness and health. It’s fun exercise that gives you great benefits from your muscles to your lymphatic system. Though given the nature of the exercise, it is essential to take safety seriously. The most common causes of accidents on a trampoline are sustaining an injury while climbing on and off the platform, colliding with someone else in mid-air and landing badly. You can mitigate each of these risks with high-quality trampolines.

Kids’ Trampolines need a safety net

Trampolines such as the EXIT Peak Pro come with a safety net, which can prevent your kids from falling off the jumping mat due to a loss of balance. It can also reduce the risk of injury due to bad aerial stunts. In addition to being a physical barrier, it also gives a more explicit visual guide to help kids keep within safe bounds of the jumping surface.

What Are the Best Trampolines for Kids?

You can also reduce risks using an in-ground trampoline equipped with a safety net. A regular trampoline is suspended about 1.5 metres off the ground. Climbing and off this (especially while excited) can result in injuries. An in-ground trampoline is already at ground level, so you simply step on rather than climbing up and jumping off the mat. This helps to reduce the risks of sprained ankles and other injuries that can happen from kids getting on and off the jumping mat without due care, which, let’s face it, is what kids do! The added benefit of an in-ground trampoline is that it’s less of an eyesore in terms of the garden aesthetic with no steel frame showing. However, to get these to work correctly, you need to dig a trench under the jumping surface. This means that wherever you decide to place your trampoline needs to be its permanent position.

Safety First

To address the third-most-common cause of accidents, kids must take turns jumping on the mat. Collisions and horseplay on the mat can lead to someone hitting the sides of the surface. This again can be mitigated with plenty of padding along the outside of the jumping surface. Both Berg Trampolines and EXIT trampolines have great padding to soften any bad landings.

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