What is The Best Trampoline in 2022?

What is The Best Trampoline in 2022?

What is the best trampoline in 2022? With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit intimidating. But if we were to break it down based on the popularity and price to quality, one particular model is probably best suited for most situations. So based on the price, quality and performance, what is the best all-rounder that’s most likely to suit your needs? Berg Trampolines hold the trophy in two popular categories: Regular and Inground. So what are the two best trampolines in this category?

The Best Regular Trampoline in 2022

A regular trampoline is one where the jumping surface is suspended on a raised structure. These are the ones you’ll see most often. The Berg Champion, while not the lowest costing of Berg’s offering, gives the best experience at the best price. It comes in three sizes, 11 feet, 12.5 feet, and 14 feet. It has a thick PVC protection around the edge and uses Berg’s TwinSpring Gold springs which are placed at angles to maximize the jumping surface. Everything about the champion is quality. It’s sturdy, it’s safe, it’s reliable. it’ll last years.

2022’s Best In-Ground Trampoline

An in-ground trampoline is the kind that is set into the garden. This means digging a large ditch beneath the jumping surface. The advantage being, of course, that the trampoline is a lot tidier in the garden, and more accessible since it doesn’t need to be mounted and dismounted to use. And of course, the big disadvantage of the inground model is that you can’t move it. Once it’s in place, you have a large hole in your ground so you can’t move it around to different areas if, say, at certain times during the day or year the spot you’ve placed it is in the shade or more susceptible to poor weather.

Also the Berg Champion! There’s a reason it’s called the ‘champion’. The Berg Champion In-Ground has all the benefits and features of the regular model and comes in the same sizes. Though it is only available in green. It also has the optional (but recommended) deluxe safety net. With an inground trampoline, it’s really important to have the Champion’s AirFlow technology. This allows more air to pass through the jumping surface which increases your bounce and reduces the funny noises that can occur as air is forced around the perimeter of the ditch you’ve dug beneath the trampoline.