Best Ride On Lawnmower: Which Ride On Lawnmower Is Best For You?

Best Ride On Lawnmower: Which Ride On Lawnmower Is Best For You?

The Best Ride On Lawnmower depends on the job at hand and what you need. At Douglas Forest & Garden, we have a full range of Stihl tractor mowers. When you’re talking about which one is best for you, we’re talking about the difference in price, range and speed at which it can cover the given range. Often it’s the size of the mower that makes the difference.

The Best Ride On Lawnmower for Lawns under 4,000 Square metres

The Stihl RT 4082 is relatively compact and manoeuvrable compared to many larger, more expensive models. It has a small turning circle, and it easily mounted with a design more like an electric buggy than a tractor. It has a two hundred and fifty-litre grass collection box which can be dumped using a lever by the driver’s seat.

At 86db, it’s one of the quietest models but earplugs are still recommended. Its cutting width is .8 of a metre. It can cut the grass down to a height of 35-90 millimetres, and it has a 6l tank capacity. Notably, this has a relatively slow RPM for the blades at 2.700 RMP.

The Best Ride On Lawnmower For 8,000 Square Metres and Less

The STIHL RT 5112 Z ride-on mower can manage twice the distance of the RT 4082, with a range of up to 8,000 square metres.

It also has a spring-loaded seat which acts like suspension and has adjustable heights. Its cutting width is 1.1 metres, about 300cms more than the 4082. And it’s able to cut the grass to a broader range, from 30-90mm. Its catcher box can handle an extra 100l of clippings at 350 litres, and it has a 33% larger tank capacity at 9 litres.

The Best Ride On Lawnmower for Under 10,000 Square Metres

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The Stihl RT 6127 ZL is a higher range ride-on lawnmower with similar features to the RT 5112. The main difference is that it can handle a higher cutting height from 30-100 millimetres. Its cutting width is far wide at 1.25 metres, though it has the same tank capacity as the RT 5112 at 9 litres, it can manage an additional 2,000 square metres in the same amount of time. It has a working speed of 3,000 RPM which means if the blades are well sharpened it’ll give a good cut. It is also equipped with a 350-litre grass catcher box. One thing to be aware of is that it’s notably louder at 89db, so you want to be wearing ear protection during the use of this vehicle.

We hope this gives you an idea of what you can expect. Please be sure to view our full range of tractor mowers.