Best Kids E-Scooters Under €300

Best Kids E-Scooters Under €300

The Best Kids E-Scooters under €300 are now far superior in quality and performance when compared to earlier models. Battery life has improved a lot since hoverboards, and electric scooters first came on the scene. We currently stock some of the best-performing models available. You can view all our Electric Scooters here, which come with free shipping anywhere in Ireland.

The Best Kids E-Scooters Under €300 — Range

For most young people interested in an E-Scooter, they’re after something that has good range. They want to be able to use it for long periods without needing to charge it. With the state of the art of lithium battery technology, we must make a compromise between speed and range. Especially in lower-cost models, where every euro counts and what you’re paying for usually is the battery. Segway has a new range of e-transport which they call Ninebot — and they are producing some fantastic scooters with reasonable prices.

The Ninebot eKickScooter Zing E8 is currently priced at €259 and is suitable for kids aged between 6-12. Best Kid's E-Scooters It uses 7″ and 8″ solid tyres and has a maximum speed of 14 kilometres per hour. It has a range of up to 10 kilometres, meaning that you can expect to be able to use Zing E8 for forty minutes on a single charge if you’re going at full speed. Though of course, this will last longer if you’re not going at full kilter.

Other Options

The Zing E10 is a step up and costs €299. This is for older kids between the ages of eight and fourteen. It has a top speed that’s slightly faster at 15 kilometres per hour and has a similar range and battery life as the E8. Both Zing models use regenerative braking, which means that when you slow down, the energy goes back into your battery.

The Xootz Evader costs €209 and is designed to be lightweight. It’s suitable for kids over eight and adults up to 100kg in weight. It has a height-adjustable handlebar from 80cm – 95cm, and you can easily fold it for transport. It has a high speed of 15kmph and allows a max distance of 10 kilometres on a single charge. Unlike the Zing, E10, this model does not come with lights, and it doesn’t use regenerative braking — so can expect less range. And we advise purchasing lights separately if you intend to you use this for transport.

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