Berg's Scooter for Toddlers

Berg's Scooter for Toddlers

Berg’s Scooter for toddlers is great for kids aged two and up. While Ninebot’s excellent range of e-scooters caters for older kids and adults the Berg Nexo Scooter, is built specifically for the smaller smallies.

As you may know, Berg produces great outdoor toys and equipment. Their products always get the basics right. They’ve excellent build quality, and then they add a bit of flair on top. The Berg Nexo doesn’t break the mould in regards to Berg’s quality. They put in a lot of consideration to build quality and safety. It has two wheels at the front to add stability, a thick frame that can take the rough and tumble it will inevitably experience!

Berg’s Scooter for Toddlers

The Berg Nexo scooter has a unique adjustable steering lock. In the same way that a balance bike takes out the pedals while kids are learning, the steering lock helps your toddler learn to balance and scoot without the added complication of steering. Most importantly (for kids), some of the models have flashy lights! The Nexo has a range of models including the Nexo Lights, which have battery-free LED lights that kick in as your child scoots about.

Considered Design

You can fold the Berg Nexo up neatly and click it into place. This is handy as it takes up a little less space in the boot. When folded the steering bar also works as a handle. This is handy if you need to pull the scooter behind you.It also has a rear foot brake. The Nexo is built for learning and poor grip definitely interferes with that. They’ve added a firm grip on the handles and footboard for stability. Two-year-olds don’t stay that way for very long, and the Nexo has three adjustable settings that can adapt as your child grows until they’re big enough for a full-fledged scooter like the Xootz large wheel kickscooter.

Growing Bigger

For older kids, an e-scooter might be on the cards. Ninebot build their ZING range for kids. Starting with the ZING A6, which is for kids aged 6-10 years old. If you have more questions about the Berg Nexo or any other scooter in our range, feel free to call us on 021 4965 132.