Berg Go-Karts Off Road Range

Berg Go-Karts Off Road Range

Berg off-road go-karts are perfect for kids aged 5 years and above as well as adults due to the different seat positions. BERG off-road go-karts are large go-karts made to tackle and withstand any uneven & bumpy surfaces. The Berg off-road go-karts have a swing axle which creates a swinging motion of the front wheels which allows any bumps on the road to be easily absorbed. The Berg go-karts off-road range is sure to keep the thrill in your child while they race like a rally driver around a dirt track. Here is our full range of off-road go-karts.

Berg X-Plore Go Karts

Berg Go-Karts Off Road Range

With the Berg X-Plore BFR & Berg X-Plore BFR-3 go-karts, no adventure is too great. Rough terrain and tough to access pathways are no issue for the sturdy off-road tyres of these go-karts. Thanks to the unique BFR system fitted in these go-karts, you can simply brake and reverse sharply after coming to a standstill. This is perfect for avoiding sudden obstacles like a falling branch or big rocks in your path. The BFR-3 go-kart has three gears which enable you to drive at different speeds and makes driving even easier. The X-Plore go-karts are green and black in colour with cool white designs throughout.

Berg Safari Go Karts

The Berg Safari BFR & Berg Safari BFR-3 go-karts will bring you anywhere you want. They have large off-road tyres which allow you to easily access the roughest & toughest of terrains. As well as that, their swing axle feature adds additional grip making these go-karts extremely safe. These go-karts come with a BFR system allowing easy riding and a stopping suddenly capability. The BFR-3 system has three gears, so you can make a quick escape and when you want to change different speeds throughout your journey. The Safari go-karts care available in camouflage colours so you can hide anywhere without getting spotted.

Berg X-Cross Go Karts

The Berg X-Cross BFR & Berg X-Cross BFR-3 go-karts making driving an experience that will last a lifetime. These cool go-karts offer smooth steering and a smooth ride every time. The X-Cross go-karts are superb quality and are fantastically designed to give years of go-karting fun. The Berg X-Cross BFR-3 can go backwards and forwards easily and comes with three gears to make pedalling even smoother. The X-Cross go-karts are a striking orange and black colour which is sure to get you noticed.

Berg Jeep Revolution Go Karts

The Berg Jeep® Revolution BFR & Berg Jeep® Revolution BFR-3 are sturdy go-karts that can take on any challenge. They have real off-road tyres so you can race through every dirty puddle. These go-karts have adjustable steering rods to allow you to easily adjust the wheel positions keeping wear and tear to a minimum. The BFR-3 has three gears which let the driver go at different speeds and makes driving simple. The go-kart can be extended with a second seat so your friend can join in on the adventure with you. The Jeep Revolution go-karts are a unique green and black coloured design.

Get your Berg off-road go-kart online today and take on any terrain in style. You can visit us in-store or call us today on 021-496-5132 for more information.