Trampolines Dublin

Trampolines Dublin

If you’re looking to order Go Karts or Trampolines in Dublin or Nationwide, BERG and EXIT are easily the best options. We offer the entire BERG range as well as EXIT trampolines. All of these come with fast and free delivery to your doorstep. You can view our full range and order online at Trampolines Dublin.

Trampolines Dublin: Which Type Should You Get?

Berg trampolines offer something for every family. Trampolines come in two main types. “Regular” trampolines are raised on a steel platform. They’re easy to set up and move around your garden easily at any time or dismantled and put away when not in use. The other type is known as either ‘Flat Ground’ or ‘Inground’. This type is more integrated into your garden. They manage this because they’re not on a raised platform. Instead, you dig a trench beneath the jumping surface. The advantage to this is that it’s a lot tidier visually. But you won’t be able to relocate it as easily or store it away without leaving a hole in your garden. However, flatground and inground models are far safer since they’re much easier to mount and dismount. Especially when you pair them with a safety net. Because of this, if you have younger children, you should strongly consider “In-Ground” trampolines. The Berg Inground Champion is a good choice for families with a safety net and self-closing entrance. It comes in three sizes: an 11-foot model as well as 12.5 and 14 foot.

EXIT Trampolines

EXIT Trampolines are also of very high quality, with nice designs and solid builds. They also come in either regular or flatground model types and with very competitive prices. A highly recommended model is the EXIT Elegant Inground trampoline which comes with an Economy Safety Net. This is a very affordable model coming in three different sizes, 10 foot, 12 foot and 14 foot models. For serious trampoliners, the EXIT PeakPro provides a very large rectangular setup with extra thick padding and other nice features.

Get Free Delivery to Your Door

We offer free delivery on all trampolines. Most have fast shipping but due to popular demand, there may be some delays with some models. If you have any questions at all you can reach out at 021-4965132