Berg Go Karts

Berg Go Karts

When it comes to outdoor activities for smallies, it’s hard to go wrong with Berg Go-Karts. While bicycles are a reliable staple for outdoor fun, go karts are an exceptional way to bring out the imagination while engaging in physical exercise. Go-Karts are a considerable investment and Berg’s Karts are built to last for years. They adapt to your child’s growth, ensuring years of outdoor fun and exploration. Read on for a quick overview, or you can also browse our full range of Berg Go Karts here.

Berg Go Karts for Kids aged 2-5

The Berg Buzzy range is built for children aged 2-5. While there are a few different configurations, all of them have a sturdy base of support and a low seat so keep a nice low centre of gravity for safety. And unlike tricycles, these have a fourth wheel giving much stability and safety. The pedal-free design helps your kids get to grips with balancing and steering so that they can develop their motor skills in preparation for those pesky pedals. They’re suitable for indoors and outdoors. Some of the models, such as the Buzzy Nitro are 2-in-1. They’re both a scooter and a pushcar. They feature a removable handle so you can easily alternate between scooting and pushing them along depending on the mood of your toddler (which let’s face it, means you’ll probably be doing both quite often)!

The Berg Rally Range for Ages 4-12

All Berg Models from here on are variations on the classic go-kart design. They all offer pneumatic tyres for a smoother ride, and an adjustable steering wheel to adapt as your child grows. There’s a number of different ranges. Starting with the Berg Rally Range for kids aged 4-12. These are fitted with the ‘soundbox’ to give you fun special sound effects to add to the immersion. Then there are variations like the Berg Classic range for ages 5. The classic lives up to its name with the original Berg design. As well as a host of themed designs such as the Berg farm range, off-road and Race just to name a few.

If you have any questions or you need more information about our Berg Go-Karts or any other products, you can always give us a ring on 021 4965132.