Berg Go Kart: Choosing one for Christmas

Berg Go Kart: Choosing one for Christmas

Are you choosing a Berg Go Kart for Christmas? Berg Go-Karts come in an amazing variety of styles and colours, each catering to different personalities and interests. Berg has been in the game for generations. They know a thing or two about how to appeal to different kids and adults alike. Here are a few tips to help you choose which Berg Go Kart to buy for you or your kid.

Most Berg Go Karts have the same chassis

Berg has perfected their Go Kart chassis over many decades. The result is a very reliable, durable and great-looking kart that will last years and put up with all sorts of abuse. The chassis is mostly the same with the different Berg models but altered based on age or size. An exception to this is the Buzzy, Buddy and Reppy ranges. These are specially designed for toddlers and so are made with a much wider wheelbase and, in some cases, retractable pedals.

The E-BFR Range Is Battery Powered

Berg’s E-BFR range has battery power to help you or your kids get going at speed without having to pedal. This range is great for kids who are after a speedy car-like experience though they come with a higher cost. They’re also less helpful as a means of getting your child out exercising as there’s less physical work involved in driving one.

Different Styles of Go Karts for Different Interests

Some children love playing with tractors and farm toys. Some love ‘off-road’ cars, and some love Formula One racing. Berg has different themed go-karts to appeal to different interests. The Berg Race Range works well for speedy types. The Berg Farm Range has John Deere, New Holland, and Class-themed karts that can be paired with some great Berg Farm accessories such as a pallet fork and lifting unit. These really add to the immersion and can open up all sorts of fun play that allows your kids’ imaginations to run wild. Berg’s Off Road range also allows for some great imaginative play and can also be accompanied with some go kart accessories such as a Jeep spare wheel or a passenger seat.

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