BERG Buzzy Go-Kart Range

BERG Buzzy Go-Kart Range

The BERG Buzzy go-kart range is perfect for children aged 2-5 years old. All go-karts in this range are equipped with a fixed connection between the front axle and rear axle so that the movement of the legs is immediately converted to the movement of the rear wheels. This ensures a simple and easy ride. Both the rear and front axles are mounted on ball bearings making the pedals and rear axle run very smooth and light.

BERG Buzzy go-karts have special tyres which are made of a high-tech foam which are a great substitute for traditional rubber tyres. They are as durable as traditional rubber tyres but eliminate the risk of a flat tyre. The tyres provide a very quiet ride BERG Buzzy Go-Kart Rangemaking the Buzzy range great to use indoors and outdoors.

The steering wheel and saddle of a BERG Buzzy go-kart can be adjusted. As a child grows, the seat and steering wheel can easily be adjusted therefore allowing the go-kart to grow with the child. Here is the full range of our BERG Buzzy go-kart range.

Berg Buzzy Go Kart

The BERG Buzzy go-kart is a cool ride that is yellow in colour. With this study four-wheel machine, your feet will firmly remain on the pedals even when taking sharp corners. The seat and steering wheel of this go-kart is adjustable for years of fun. It weighs 8.5 kg and comes with a two-year warranty.

Berg Buzzy Racing Go Kart

The BERG Buzzy racing go-kart is great for learning to pedal. It is a super stable go-kart so you will never have a flat tyre thanks to its special EVA tyres. The Buzzy racing has a direct drive system which helps you to pedal with little effort, making this machine very quick and easy to master. Its steering wheel and seat are easily adjustable, guaranteeing years of pleasure.

Berg Buzzy Bloom Go Kart

The BERG Buzzy Bloom go-kart is a cute looking pedal toy that guarantees years of happy playing. It has a handy storage basket located on the front. This makes it perfect for taking toys around with you. The go-kart has an adjustable steering wheel and seat, making it suitable for growing children. With the Buzzy Bloom, you will get a sheet of stickers to decorate the go-kart to your liking.

Berg Buzzy Nitro Go Kart

The BERG Buzzy Nitro go-kart is a super safe and stable machine. It can be ridden forwards and backwards. The Buzzy Nitro can be brought to a stop within seconds and its steering wheel and seat are easy to change depending on the growth/size of the child. It is great for tearing around the house, garden or neighbourhood.

Berg Buzzy Fiat 500 Go Kart

The BERG Buzzy Fiat 500 go-kart is available under licence from the Fiat 500. It has silent whisper EVA tyres so you will never have to worry about getting a flat tyre. The 4 wheels keep you firmly grounded when you are going fast around those tight corners. The Buzzy Fiat 500 has an adjustable steering wheel and seat perfect for growing children. It weighs 8.7kg and has a two-year warranty.

Berg Buzzy John Deere Go Kart

The BERG Buzzy John Deere go-kart has the unique features and functionality of a BERG Buzzy in a cool John Deere design. It is fitted with a robust steering wheel that has a spinner knob, wide tractor tyres and large bonnet with cool grill making this look like a real John Deere. This go-kart is perfect for 2 to 5 years old due to its adjustable seat and saddle.

Order your BERG Buzzy go-kart online today and make it a toy to remember. You can also visit us in-store in Frankfield, Cork.