Benefits Of Basketball For Kids

Benefits Of Basketball For Kids

Benefits Of Basketball For KidsBasketball is the perfect sport to get children off the couch and outside being active. It can be played at any age and is suitable for all genders. Basketball doesn’t require any particular skill level to play, all that is needed is a ball and hoop. This fun to play sport has lots of benefits for children and should be a sport that all children engage in from a young age. Here are the benefits of basketball for kids.


Basketball is a high-intensity sport that works the whole body. It involves running, jumping, hand-eye coordination skills like dribbling, passing the ball and shooting the ball. As with all high-intensity sports, comes many cardiovascular benefits and basketball is no different. Continuous movement in a basketball game will help increase endurance and aid muscle development. Between sprinting, jogging, jumping, dribbling, and working on skills, kids are doing total body interval training without even realising. This boosts their aerobic fitness, metabolism and energy levels which in turn makes them more cardiovascularly fit as well as helping them concentrate more in school.

Motor Skills

Playing basketball involves different skills and movements like catching, dribbling, throwing, changing direction and pivoting. Learning basketball and executing these movements at a young age will improve their motor skills by using major muscle groups. Kids who play basketball will improve their fundamental movement skills, flexibility, central nervous system messaging and many more components of fitness. Your child will also significantly improve their hand-eye coordination. These motor skills are applicable to other activities of daily life. Performing drills will allow kids to work on their muscle forces, control the movements and positioning of their bodies and execute movement sequences.

Psychological Development

Playing basketball allows your child to make new friends and feel a sense of involvement. It improves their ability to communicate and solve basic problems. With playing basketball your child will experience the benefits and difficulties of healthy competition. This prepares kids for failures later in life. Basketball teaches them to work hard and be dedicated to something and you will reach the top level. It shows them coping strategies and teaches them social skills that they can use at home, school and in peer relationships. It is great for a child’s character building and their self-esteem. As they realise their increased skill level and athletic development, they will gain increased levels of self-confidence on the court. Having a child in a supportive team setting with the encouragement from friends and family is invaluable in helping develop a child psychologically and making them feel good.


Basketball is just like every other sport, meaning when you play you have a number of rules to follow. If they are not abiding by them, that will lead to penalties. This principle mimics real-life situations. For example, if a teenager breaks the law then they will be given a penalty. So basketball is a good way for your child to appreciate the importance of following rules. This sport is a fantastic way to teach your child a sense of discipline because basketball involves taking direction from officials, coaches and fellow teammates. This helps them realise the importance of listening and respect for others on and off the court.

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