Basketball Hoop Cork

Basketball Hoop Cork

The EXIT model is the best basketball hoop Cork has to offer. If you’re local to Cork and looking for a basketball net, this wall-mounted net is a no-brainer. You can pick it up in the store or have it delivered. You can view our basketball nets or read on for more information.

The EXIT Galaxy wall-mounted basketball backboard with dunkring

This model has everything you’d want in a basketball net. You mount the frame on an outdoor (or indoor) wall using a step ladder and tools. Once mounted, you can still adjust its height to five levels. This means you can adjust it for younger players or those who are just starting out. The ring itself is sturdy and flexible. This allows you to perform dunks, which with many models is not possible or is done with a risk of damage to the ring itself. It has a very distinct and cool-looking colour scheme with clear markers on the backboard, which you can use to improve your aim.

Adjustable Heights

When you install the basketball net you do so at a predefined height so that it is set to a standard playing height. This then allows you to set the net to five different positions. 2.3 metres, 2.45 metres, 2.6 metres, 2.85 metres and 3.015 metres. This highest position is a standard senior games height.

Installing the Hoop

Ensure you pick a location that allows for either a solo game or a half court game. Players need ample space. If the ball goes out of play it should not endanger any windows, vehicles or stray garden gnomes that may be nearby. Instructions are provided with the hoop but you will still need your own power tools for fixing the frame to the wall. Once installed, you should check the tightness on the moving parts and bolts to ensure everything is good to last for years to come.

Basketball Hoop Cork

If you’re based in Cork you have two options. Firstly, you can come to collect the hoop from or store. Or secondly, you can order it online while it is in stock. We provide fast and free delivery for orders over €60.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132