Are Trampolines Dangerous?

Are Trampolines Dangerous?

Are Trampolines Dangerous? We all want to put safety first, and nobody wants to see themselves or their children come to harm. This is why it’s natural and proper to be concerned about the safety of any toy or form of play that you present to your kids. Unfortunately, trampolines have a bit of a reputation for being a locus for bruises, knocks and accidents. However, with proper precautions, a good introduction, and adult supervision, a trampoline is a great way for kids to improve their strength and agility while burning off some calories. Here are the areas that ensure a trampoline is a safe way to play.

Are Trampolines Dangerous? Far less So with a Safety Net

Safety nets work wonders for a trampoline. However, two of the four primary causes of accidents with trampoline use are:

1. Kids colliding or losing balance, and as a result, falling off the jumping surface and onto the hard ground below.
2. Kids hurriedly hop off the jumping mat; a regular trampoline is raised from the ground. This can result in sprained and twisted ankles.

Both of these issues can be adequately addressed with a safety net. BERG and EXIT trampolines have models that can come with a safety net. This will keep the users on the jumping surface or, at worst, on the padding around the jumping mat. It also prevents kids from dismounting the trampoline from anywhere. Instead, they must dismount from one area of the trampoline where a step can be placed, reducing the risk of injuries from dismounting hurriedly.

Risk number 3: More than one kid using the jumping surface at a time

If more than one person uses the trampoline, they can end up with mid-air collisions or simply be tempted to engage in risky horseplay. With proper preparation and a little bit of education of the dangers, kids will be far less likely to engage in risky behaviour. Especially if you are there to supervise and ensure things don’t get out of hand. BERG and EXIT trampolines such as the Berg Favorit have ample padding to ensure that any landings that fall to the periphery of the jumping mat do not result in serious harm.

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