How to Use a Chainsaw to Cut Firewood

How to Use a Chainsaw to Cut Firewood

Prepping your firewood with a chainsaw can make light work of months worth of fuel in just one sitting. However, when you use a chainsaw to cut firewood, you need to take precautions need to be taken to ensure you’re able to do so safely.

How to Use a Chainsaw to Cut Firewood

Using any chainsaw for any task demands PPE equipment. That includes protective gloves and pants, safety glasses, and a protective helmet.

Stabilize the log

The worst thing that can happen when you start cutting is for the log to destabilise. Use other pieces of timber or blocks to ensure the log is firmly set in place before you begin cutting. Make sure the ground beneath the log is clear of stone or debris which can get caught in the saw.

Get a rough measure of the log using the length of your saw. Then cut about 75% of the way through the log – not too low that it can touch the ground. Ensure the blade is kept level or raised slightly upwards during the cut. You can then repeat the same down the length of the log.

Roll the log

Once you’ve rolled the log, you can complete the cut on the other side. You now have roughly one metre length logs separated and ready for division.

Use a Chainsaw to Cut Firewood: Divide

You now want to divide the segments into quarters. To do this, make a lengthwise cut that goes almost to the centre of the log. But leave the center attached, so you don’t saw into the ground. Do this four times, so you have four 90% segments.

Get the Axe

Next, get your axe or hatchet and prise the logs apart. They’re not ready for cutting. The best equipment to use at this point is a sawhorse. This allows you to secure the wood just below waist level so you can safely cut the wood without bending or touching the ground. Secure the wood to the horse with a strap for stability.

Stack your wood

Damp wood won’t burn properly and leaves off a lot of thick black smoke. Stack your logs so there’s space between the wood for air to circulate. Keep them in a sheltered area to keep them dry and ready to go.

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