Safely Using a Chainsaw

Safely Using a Chainsaw

Safely using a chainsaw is very important. While professionals are trained and versed in safety measures, domestic users are more prone to making errors which can lead to severe injury or accident. We provide a range of chainsaws and maintenance services for professional and domestic users. Here are some tips to ensure safe and effective usage.

Ensure your chainsaw blades are kept sharp

When you have a dull blade, your chainsaw will cut less effectively. This increases the likelihood that you will try to use pressure to cut. Having a sharp blade prevents you from making the error of forcing the chainsaw. This decreases the possibility of losing your footing or balance for a safer, easier cut.

Safely Using a Chainsaw: Avoid the Ground

If you’re cutting wood while it is on the ground, you may cut it into the ground. When this happens, you risk dulling the blade and kicking up pebbles and dust. This can quickly wear out your blade or cause loose chippings to fly at your face. If you’re cutting wood, either consider raising it on a support.

Maintain Proper Tension

A loose chain can come off while the chainsaw is running. This is highly dangerous. Inversely, a chain that’s too tight creates unnecessary friction, which can wear out the saw. Correct chain tension will ensure safe usage that enables your saw to keep running in good condition for years to come.

Use the Correct Saw For the Job

If you’re using a chainsaw for domestic firewood, you don’t need an overly large blade. In fact, this can be dangerous. Consider getting an appropriately sized saw for your situation. A low-cost small chainsaw such as the Stihl MS 170 is perfect for at-home firewood cutting. It has a smaller blade which is suitable for most firewood situations. The smaller blade means more control and less risk.

Always Wear The Right Safety Gear

Wearing proper chainsaw PPE is essential. It just takes an instant for you to lose control of the chainsaw. It only takes a minor lapse in concentration or a slight stumble for the blade to jump and cause serious harm. Wearing the right protective clothing at all times can mean life or death. A reliable pair of chainsaw trousers and footwear can give you that extra moment of reaction time to save your skin. Head protection and gloves are also essential. And also, consider your ears if you’re working for extended periods, as the sound can cause damage.

Get Your saw treated by Professionals

If you’d like your chainsaw to be maintained and tuned up, we provide a maintenance service at our location. For more information on our chainsaws and our services, you can always give us a call on 021 4965 132