Quickly Start your Chainsaw

Quickly Start your Chainsaw

How to quickly start your chainsaw without it flooding the engine. Stihl have a great range of tips and tricks on how to most effectively use their chainsaws to cut as well as some maintenance tips. The Stihl Chainsaw range has great quick start features that make it very easy and efficient to start up. This is especially important if you’re using the equipment on a daily basis for work as an arborist. But it can be just as frustrating for those of us who use the equipment only a few times per year.

How to Quickly Start your Chainsaw

The problem, as with any fossil-fuel-powered engine, is that it requires the right mix of air with the fuel. If there is too much fuel you risk ‘flooding’ the engine, and not enough and you will not have an ignition. With the Stihl chainsaw, it’s easy to get the motor running well by following a few simple steps.

First, locate the choke controls on your model. The choke throttles the airflow into the engine. Put this to the lowest setting (full Choke). Ensure the brake is engaged for the chainsaw. Place the chainsaw on the ground. Put your foot into the handle for stability. Make sure that you are not pressing the main trigger, press down the safety trigger and pull the chain. After a few pulls, you should hear the first ‘burp’ of the engine. This is when the engine first starts to engage but then quickly cuts out. At this point, you can now increase the choke setting up one notch. Then repeat the process, securing the chainsaw on the ground with one foot and pulling the chain until you again get the ‘burp’ of the engine. This may take you a few pulls. Then flip the notch up to the number three position. Pull the cord, and you should soon get a full-on running of the engine. At this point, you are now ready to go.

Some people also find they can get their Chainsaw running by putting the choke to full, pulling the cord five times. And even if there isn’t that ‘burp’, moving to the half choke and pulling the cord. If this works then you don’t need to follow the above.

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