Improving Your Outdoor Privacy

Improving Your Outdoor Privacy

As we’re becoming more comfortable enjoying our outdoor spaces, improving your outdoor privacy can become more of an issue. Whether we’re enjoying an outdoor drink or languishing in your hot tub, a design that improves your privacy can go a long way to improving the quality of your experience and your ability to relax and enjoy!

Improving Your Outdoor Privacy: Screening with Greenery

When considering privacy, don’t just consider what you see – but also what your neighbours can see. Things like an upper window. It’s also helpful to make your privacy a win-win. A bland concrete wall is ugly for both parties. So consider beautiful tall shrubs that add more green to the environment. Using hedgerows for privacy works well. Italian Cypress hedges can also grant you privacy; they can grow up rapidly and can also become an incredible feature when coupled with verticle lighting. Bamboo can also do a great job but be aware that these can spread like wildfire and require heaps of maintenance. So one trick for preventing your bamboo privacy from becoming a maintenance nightmare is to warden off the soil where you plant the bamboo. Keep it separate using some sort of deep base so that the roots cannot spread underground to other areas of your garden.

Wood and Stone Screens

If you’re making a nice yard area and it’s a little too close for comfort when you are organising a barbecue, but green just won’t cut it, when planning your garden, you can consider something to hide the sightline like a wood lean-to shelter can make a difference. You can use bamboo, trellis, and seating to make the privacy screen into a beautiful artful feature that enhances your own living space. With wooden fences, they can look great when coupled with hanging plants built into the wall, which create a lovely contrast.

Suppose you have an outdoor seating area where you tend to use a firepit. In that case, it can be worth considering building a stone structure around the pit, creating an atmospheric outdoor fireplace setting. This can work well for some locations. Especially when you add a wooden frame around the back of the stone to create that contrast which will look great from your perspective while also increasing your privacy.

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