How to Use a Wood Chipper

How to Use a Wood Chipper

Knowing how to use a wood chipper can make a huge difference for larger yards and gardens. A wood chipper is a fantastic way to dispose of trees and branches while creating mulch. A layer of mulch over your soil increases fertility and helps maintain a good temperature during the winter. Tree branches and tree trunks don’t tend to rot away very easily, so being able to chip wood into something useful is a great thing to have – especially for larger gardens and yards.

Check What Model You Have

Is your machine a dedicated wood chipper? If so, it is designed to chip and mulch wood only. You should not put ‘wet’ organic matter such as leaves and hedges into a chipper. These materials are better placed in a garden shredder, which will split and break down the debris for better disposal. Chipper-Shredders are available on the market. We provide the Cobra range of chippers and the full range of Stihl Shredders.

Change the oil after the first run

After the first four to five hours of running the engine for the first time, change the engine oil. After that, it’s best to change the oil and air filter for every 25 hours of usage time after that.

Stay Within Safety Parametres

Every wood chipper has a chute that feeds branches and trees into the blades. The chute also acts as a safety buffer. You should always feed material into the chipper with your hands on the far end of the material, keeping your hands clear from danger. Make sure you know where the emergency safety brake is located so that if, for any reason, your hand or clothing gets caught, you can immediately stop the machine.

How to Use a Wood Chipper: Safety Gear

A chipper used correctly is very safe. However, any wood chipper should be used while wearing full PPE & clothing. This includes ear protection, safety glasses and gloves. While there is a rubber diaphragm covering the chute to prevent stray chips from flying out, it can still happen occasionally. Or sometimes, the force of the blades drawing in the wood can cause parts of the branches to snap off and fly through the air. Prevention is always better than cure. The same goes for gloves. Avoid splinters, cuts and scrapes with a good pair of work gloves.

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