How to Use a Garden Shredder

How to Use a Garden Shredder

If you have a lot of organic debris that builds up in your garden or yard, a garden shredder can help with breaking it down. Whether you want to reduce space requirements from organic waste or you plan to use the shredder for mulching, a suitable shredder will get the job done.

Choose the Right Shredder for the Job

If you have a smaller garden without too much debris to worry about, a low-cost electric shredder may be the right choice for you. These are smaller, lighter and generally more compact than the bigger variants. For professional work, a larger machine with greater diametres can help break down organic debris quickly and efficiently. Know the difference between a shredder and a chipper. A shredder is suitable for all sorts of ‘green’ organic waste, from small branches to hedging, leaves and grass. A chipper is designed specifically for wood and chips the wood. Chipper-Shredders are also available on the market, which can accomplish both tasks through two different chutes.

Avoid Problems with ‘Feeding’

An underpowered machine can cost you a lot of time. Ensure you don’t get an engine that is too weak or a cutting diameter that is too narrow. Otherwise, you may spend unnecessary time feeding organic matter into the chute. Make sure you have a machine that is fit for the job. Prepare larger pieces of debris before feeding. This may require a saw, a prune or sheers. If you’re inserting debris into the chute, avoid ‘doubling it over’. Doubling over thick leaves and vines creates a hoop which risks snagging or catching your fingers or gloves and pulling it in towards the blades. If you do choose to use this feeding method, you can minimise the risk of accidents by holding the vines or branches from the far ends and placing the folded end into the chute first.

How to Use a Garden Shredder: Wear the Proper Gear

We’ve all heard it a million times before, but it’s worth repeating: personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection are essential equipment. Make sure you have the right gear and wear it at all times while operating machinery.

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