How To Maintain Your Barbecue

How To Maintain Your Barbecue

Want to know how to maintain your barbecue? We all know that the fun of a grill is being able to invite family and friends to your yard, cook them up a storm and make some fantastic burgers. But the not-so-fun part is the maintenance. We’ve all enjoyed barbecues in Ireland for years now — enough to know that the day-after clean-up can be a bit of a hassle. Here are a few tips to keep it easy and ensure your barbecue is ready and serviceable for the next weekend of sunshine.

Avoid Strong ChemicalsHow To Maintain Your Barbecue

Our range of Campingaz BBQs include easy-to-clean surfaces, but not all grills are made equal. Strong chemicals might remove the dirt from your barbecue, but chemicals can also be unhealthy and can stay on surfaces after the fact (and potentially affect the taste of your food, to boot!). Instead, just use ordinary dish soap and a scouring pad like steel wool (provided you don’t use too much force as it can damage your barbecue). It’s very straight forward to clean the grill with water and soap. You may still have a little discolouration on the metal after cleaning, but that’s caused from heat and not dirt – so provided you have cleaned it well, the stain is not a problem.

The Burners

Clean the burners as any remaining grease or grime can leave off thick smoke. This can make cooking on the grill like cutting onions. Also, give the diffuser plates a scrape to remove the grease and dirt, and give them a clean with water and soap to remove the heavy dirt. Again, discolouration doesn’t matter. Once you have the grime off, you’re going to have a clean and tear-free cooking experience. Be sure that the holes on the burners are open and clear. Any debris or dirt is going to cause a blockage, which will increase the risk of smoke (and tears), and can cause an uneven temperature on your cooking surfaces.

How To Maintain Your Barbecue While It’s Outdoors

You might get grease on the outer frame, thermometer, as well as on the inside of the grill. If you’re leaving it outside for a few days, it can be okay to leave the grease! Provided it’s for a relatively short period, it can act as a protective coating to prevent rusting. Of course, it will also need a protective layer to keep the rain away. When you’re ready to use it again, remove the grease from the surfaces.

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