How to Prune a Rose Bush

How to Prune a Rose Bush

You can prune a rose bush at any time, but the best time is in late winter or early spring when the bush begins to show new growth. Pruning is an important activity that will keep an old bush producing blooms for decades to come.

Rather than focusing on the calendar, pay attention to the bush’s state. When you start to see the small buds in late February or early March,

Ensure you wear proper PPE gear.

Proper PPE such as safety gloves and glasses and a long-sleeved shirt are a must when you’re pruning a rose bush. They might be beautiful, but those thorns can hurt or do some real damage if they get you at the wrong place.

Get a well-maintained pruning shears

Your shears should be rust-free and sharp as rust can damage a rose bush. The best rose blooms come from new growth. So clip away the old growth.

Keep a sharp blade

Ensure that your blades have been cleaned of rust and well oiled and sharpened to prevent damaging the bush.

Cut at an angle

Water can gather on the surface if you cut at a flat angle. By clipping the stem at roughly a forty-five-degree angle using secateurs, the water runs off, which helps keep the plant healthy.

How to Prune a Rose Bush

Option 1 is to clip just before a healthy bud. Option 2 is to cut just after the bud. Either way, the main thing is that you see a healthy branch. The cutting still looks healthy inside. If it’s dry, brown, or dead-looking, try cutting back further as you are looking to cut away the weaker parts of the branch and encourage vibrancy.

Sometimes people are afraid to cut the tree but don’t worry about being aggressive with your pruning. The further back you go, the stronger the rosebush will be when it regrows.


Shaping the stems can give you a nice shape. The more space between stems, the more vibrant the blooms. You can improve the aeration between flowers by removing stems that cross over each other. You can remove a badly damaged branch with a prune or hand saw. This gives the healthier stems more energy and space.

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