Creating Your Own Japanese Garden

Creating Your Own Japanese Garden

Creating your own Japanese garden can be a pleasurable undertaking for any garden or yard space. You don’t have to make it complicated. You design your Japanese Garden based on simplicity and nature and compose it based on three elements; Stone, plants and water. You may have an area of brush that needs clearing that can be converted into a spot for relaxation to enjoy a cup of tea in the sun.

The Philosophy of the Japanese Garden

We often feel different in Japanese gardens because they are founded on entirely different philosophies. In the West, we have tended towards a more materialistic focus. We look at the shapes, colours, and layouts, whereas the Japanese Garden is inspired by Taoist philosophy and Shinto and Buddhist influences. It’s about creating a space that is in line with nature, with simple, clean, organic lines that you consider carefully to give you the experience of peace and tranquillity.

Creating Your Own Japanese Garden

In a Japanese garden, you carefully choose which plants go where and place them sparingly, emphasising simple colours that appear natural. Once you have everything in place, there’s often little maintenance required that can’t be sorted with the right yard tools.

Using rocks to create your structure, as well as influencing your water feature. You intentionally place your foliage carefully to create a natural, simple miniature landscape that feels connected.


While plant maintenance is relatively simple, you will have to keep the stones in the right shape with a Japanese garden. Some stones may look incredible with some natural moss. Some other areas, such as a zen stone garden, may benefit from washing with a power hose. Make sure to keep your water features in good health with a check-up about every six months.

Simple Tips For Creating Your Own Japanese Garden

Don’t use too many bright colours. While you can use them to accent an area you want to highlight, it’s often best to otherwise stick with basic colours for your plants and flowers. People commonly purchase too many Japanese ornaments, buddhas, pagodas and other things, making things look appealing, but a little is a lot.

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