Cleaning a Brick Pavement

Cleaning a Brick Pavement

Cleaning a brick pavement can be a nightmare, especially if it’s after accumulating months or even years of dirt and moss. They look amazing when they’re well maintained, but if they’re not, they can look dirty and dull. It can be a headache cleaning up an area around large trees or bushes as the falling debris will gather, rot and make muddy patches around your outdoor space. The best way to clean a brick paved area of your yard is to use a pressure washer. Here are the most efficient steps to get the job done quickly.

Step 1: Give the area a strong blast.

The first step is to clear away all the debris that has accumulated. Putting the hose on a high setting with the turbo nozzle will break off the large clumps of moss, dirt and debris from your pavement. Naturally, the more pressure, the better. And for maximum power, something like the Stihl RE 150 Plus has everything you need, including fittings for cleaning agents and other treatments you will need towards the end of the cleanup process.

Step 2: Clean up the large areas of dirt

It can be tempting to continue using the hose at this stage, but if you clear away the larger debris, you’ll get the job done faster. Once you’ve broken up the dirt and moss with your hose, you can use a yard brush and shovel to scoop up and remove the dirt. This will allow you to resume power hosing to clean up the remaining grit and debris. Next, use a rinse setting to blast away the remaining grit.

Step 3: Cleaning a brick pavement using a treatment

A soft wash on your paving will help prevent moss, moulds and mildew from regrowing between your blocks and on the blocks themselves. Certain products provide residual protection after you’ve applied them so that spores don’t grow so quickly, and your paving will stay cleaner for much longer. If you want to avoid the hassle of having to repeat the deep cleaning process all over again, it’s best to apply a soft wash about every six months to one and a half years, depending on where the pavement is relative to the sun and how quickly moss grows and accumulates.

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